Dili Microlet Routes

About Us

Claudia Gee, Geographer

I was in Timor-Leste for two months (May to July) in 2018 on an internship during my semester holidays. I was a GIS and data management intern and when I finished my assignment early during my last 3 weeks in Timor, I was thinking of ways to give back to the community for being so welcoming during my stay here.

This website was created with tourists or anyone new to Dili in mind. This website has routes 11 and 12, a detailed basemap (zoom in to find out more) and location service. Some minor updates to routes 1 to 10 are also made.

I hope my project has helped you one way or another in exploring Dili!

Credits to Tracey Morgan, my lovely host, for supporting me.

I welcome feedback at claudiagee1996@gmail.com, and you may also connect with me on LinkedIn.

Geng Hao Teo, Web Developer

I'm a digital product designer based in Singapore with a background in crafting interactive digital experiences for various types of companies across a broad range of industries. Feel free to visit my portfolio or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I'm glad to be able to work on this project to help residents in Dili get around the city more efficiently. Please be in touch with us if you have any feedback or questions about the website!